Faucet on Cisco Switches


Cisco supports Openflow with faucet pipeline on the Catalyst 9000 Series switches.

Cisco IOS XE first introduced faucet support in version 16.9.1, however since faucet support is being continually improved on Cisco platforms we recommend running the latest stable release. Currently we would recommend running 16.12.1c or later.

For official Cisco documentation on OpenFlow and faucet support see the following configuration guide:


Boot up in Openflow Mode

The Catalyst 9K will be in traditional switching mode by default. The below command will enable Openflow mode on the switch.

Switch-C9300#configure terminal
Switch-C9300(config)#boot mode ?
openflow  openflow forwarding mode

Switch-C9300(config)#boot mode openflow
Changes to the boot mode preferences have been stored,
but it cannot take effect until the next reload.
Use "show boot mode" to check the boot mode currently

Switch-C9300#show boot mode
System initialized in normal switching mode
System configured to boot in openflow forwarding mode

Reload required to boot switch in configured boot mode.


Configure Openflow

** Configure the Management interface communicate with controller. **

Switch-C9300#configure terminal
Switch-C9300(config)#interface GigabitEthernet0/0
Switch-C9300(config-if)#vrf forwarding Mgmt-vrf
Switch-C9300(config-if)#ip address
Switch-C9300(config-if)#negotiation auto

** Configure the Openflow feature and controller connectivity. **

Switch-C9300#configure terminal
Switch-C9300(config)#feature openflow
Switch-C9300(config-openflow)#switch 1 pipeline 1
Switch-C9300(config-openflow-switch)#controller ipv4 port 6653 vrf Mgmt-vrf security none
Switch-C9300(config-openflow-switch)#controller ipv4 port 6654 vrf Mgmt-vrf security none
Switch-C9300(config-openflow-switch)#datapath-id 0xABCDEF1234

** Disable DTP/keepalive on OpenFlow ports which may interfere with FAUCET. **

The following example will disable DTP and keepalives for TenGigabitEthernet1/0/1-24; adjust the range as necessary.

Switch-C9300(config)#interface range TenGigabitEthernet1/0/1-24
Switch-C9300(config-if-range)#switchport mode trunk
Switch-C9300(config-if-range)#switchport nonegotiate
Switch-C9300(config-if-range)#spanning-tree bpdufilter enable
Switch-C9300(config-if-range)#no keepalive

** Configure TCP window. **

Configure a larger than default TCP window, so that the switch can output OpenFlow messages to controllers more efficiently.

See https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/ios-xml/ios/ipapp/configuration/xe-3s/iap-xe-3s-book/iap-tcp.html#GUID-69BF753F-A478-4B38-808F-D7830EB7B70F

Switch-C9300#configure terminal
Switch-C9300(config)#ip tcp window-size 65535


On the FAUCET configuration file (/etc/faucet/faucet.yaml), add the datapath of the switch you wish to be managed by FAUCET. The device type (hardware) should be set to CiscoC9K in the configuration file.

              dp_id: 0xABCDEF1234
              hardware: "CiscoC9K"
                      native_vlan: 100
                      name: "port1"
                      native_vlan: 100
                      name: "port2"


Command to check overall openflow configuration

Switch-C9300#show openflow switch 1
Logical Switch Context
  Id: 1
  Switch type: Forwarding
  Pipeline id: 1
  Data plane: secure
  Table-Miss default: drop
  Configured protocol version: Negotiate
  Config state: no-shutdown
  Working state: enabled
  Rate limit (packet per second): 0
  Burst limit: 0
  Max backoff (sec): 8
  Probe interval (sec): 5
  TLS local trustpoint name: not configured
  TLS remote trustpoint name: not configured
  Logging flow changes: Disabled
  Stats collect interval (sec): 5
  Stats collect Max flows: 9216
  Stats collect period (sec):  1
  Minimum flow idle timeout (sec):  10
  OFA Description:
         Manufacturer: Cisco Systems, Inc.
         Hardware: C9300-48P
         Software: Cisco IOS Software [Fuji], Catalyst L3 Switch Software (CAT9K_IOSXE), Version 16.8.1GO3, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)| openvswitch 2.1
         Serial Num: FCW2145L0FP
         DP Description: Faucet-C9300:sw1
  OF Features:
         DPID: 0x000000ABCDEF1234
         Number of tables: 9
         Number of buffers: 256
  Controllers:, Protocol: TCP, VRF: Mgmt-vrf, Protocol: TCP, VRF: Mgmt-vrf

Command to check the openflow flows installed

Switch-C9300#show openflow switch 1 flow list
    Logical Switch Id: 1
    Total flows: 9

    Flow: 1 Match: any Actions: drop, Priority: 0, Table: 0, Cookie: 0x0, Duration: 33812.029s, Packets: 46853, Bytes: 3636857

Command to check the state of the port status

Switch-C9300#show openflow switch 1 ports
    Logical Switch Id: 1
    Port    Interface Name   Config-State     Link-State  Features
       1           Gi1/0/1        PORT_UP        LINK_UP  1GB-HD
       2           Gi1/0/2        PORT_UP      LINK_DOWN  1GB-HD
       3           Gi1/0/3        PORT_UP      LINK_DOWN  1GB-HD
       4           Gi1/0/4        PORT_UP      LINK_DOWN  1GB-HD

Command to check the status of the controller

Switch-C9300#show openflow switch 1 controller
Logical Switch Id: 1
Total Controllers: 2

  Controller: 1
    Protocol: tcp
    VRF: Mgmt-vrf
    Connected: Yes
    Role: Equal
    Negotiated Protocol Version: OpenFlow 1.3
    Last Alive Ping: 2018-10-03 18:43:07 NZST
    state: ACTIVE
    sec_since_connect: 13150

  Controller: 2
    Protocol: tcp
    VRF: Mgmt-vrf
    Connected: Yes
    Role: Equal
    Negotiated Protocol Version: OpenFlow 1.3
    Last Alive Ping: 2018-10-03 18:43:07 NZST
    state: ACTIVE
    sec_since_connect: 12960

Command to check controller statistics

Switch-C9300#show openflow switch 1 controller stats
Logical Switch Id: 1
Total Controllers: 2

  Controller: 1
    address                         :  tcp:
    connection attempts             :  165
    successful connection attempts  :  61
    flow adds                       :  1286700
    flow mods                       :  645
    flow deletes                    :  909564
    flow removals                   :  0
    flow errors                     :  45499
    flow unencodable errors         :  0
    total errors                    :  45499
    echo requests                   :  rx: 842945, tx:205
    echo reply                      :  rx: 140, tx:842945
    flow stats                      :  rx: 0, tx:0
    barrier                         :  rx: 8324752, tx:8324737
    packet-in/packet-out            :  rx: 29931732, tx:8772758

  Controller: 2
    address                         :  tcp:
    connection attempts             :  11004
    successful connection attempts  :  3668
    flow adds                       :  0
    flow mods                       :  0
    flow deletes                    :  0
    flow removals                   :  0
    flow errors                     :  0
    flow unencodable errors         :  0
    total errors                    :  0
    echo requests                   :  rx: 946257, tx:1420
    echo reply                      :  rx: 1420, tx:946257
    flow stats                      :  rx: 47330, tx:57870
    barrier                         :  rx: 0, tx:0
    packet-in/packet-out            :  rx: 377, tx:0