Source code for faucet.faucet_metrics

"""Implement Prometheus statistics."""

# Copyright (C) 2013 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation.
# Copyright (C) 2015 Brad Cowie, Christopher Lorier and Joe Stringer.
# Copyright (C) 2015 Research and Education Advanced Network New Zealand Ltd.
# Copyright (C) 2015--2019 The Contributors
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# implied.
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

from prometheus_client import Gauge as PromGauge, Info
from prometheus_client import Counter, Histogram

from faucet.prom_client import PromClient

[docs]class FaucetMetrics(PromClient): """Container class for objects that can be exported to Prometheus.""" _dpid_counters = None # type: dict _dpid_gauges = None # type: dict def __init__(self, reg=None): super().__init__(reg=reg) self.port_required_labels = self.REQUIRED_LABELS + ['port', 'port_description'] self._dpid_counters = {} self._dpid_gauges = {} self.ryu_config = self._gauge( 'ryu_config', 'ryu configuration option', ['param']) self.faucet_stack_root_dpid = self._gauge( 'faucet_stack_root_dpid', 'set to current stack root DPID', []) self.faucet_config_reload_requests = self._counter( 'faucet_config_reload_requests', 'number of config reload requests', []) self.faucet_config_load_error = self._gauge( 'faucet_config_load_error', '1 if last attempt to re/load config failed', []) self.faucet_config_hash = self._info( 'faucet_config_hash', 'file hashes for last successful config') self.faucet_config_hash_func = self._gauge( 'faucet_config_hash_func', 'algorithm used to compute config hashes', ['algorithm']) self.faucet_config_applied = self._gauge( 'faucet_config_applied', 'fraction of DPs that we have tried to apply config to', []) self.faucet_event_id = self._gauge( 'faucet_event_id', 'highest/most recent event ID to be sent', []) self.faucet_config_reload_warm = self._dpid_counter( 'faucet_config_reload_warm', 'number of warm, differences only config reloads executed') self.faucet_config_reload_cold = self._dpid_counter( 'faucet_config_reload_cold', 'number of cold, complete reprovision config reloads executed') self.of_ignored_packet_ins = self._dpid_counter( 'of_ignored_packet_ins', 'number of OF packet_ins received but ignored from DP (due to rate limiting)') self.of_unexpected_packet_ins = self._dpid_counter( 'of_unexpected_packet_ins', 'number of OF packet_ins received that are unexpected from DP (e.g. for unknown VLAN)') self.of_packet_ins = self._dpid_counter( 'of_packet_ins', 'number of OF packet_ins received from DP') self.of_non_vlan_packet_ins = self._dpid_counter( 'of_non_vlan_packet_ins', 'number of OF packet_ins received from DP, not associated with a FAUCET VLAN') self.of_vlan_packet_ins = self._dpid_counter( 'of_vlan_packet_ins', 'number of OF packet_ins received from DP, associated with a FAUCET VLAN') self.of_flowmsgs_sent = self._dpid_counter( 'of_flowmsgs_sent', 'number of OF flow messages (and packet outs) sent to DP') self.of_errors = self._dpid_counter( 'of_errors', 'number of OF errors received from DP') self.of_dp_connections = self._dpid_counter( 'of_dp_connections', 'number of OF connections from a DP') self.of_dp_disconnections = self._dpid_counter( 'of_dp_disconnections', 'number of OF connections from a DP') self.vlan_hosts_learned = self._gauge( 'vlan_hosts_learned', 'number of hosts learned on a VLAN', self.REQUIRED_LABELS + ['vlan']) self.port_vlan_hosts_learned = self._gauge( 'port_vlan_hosts_learned', 'number of hosts learned on a port and VLAN', self.port_required_labels + ['vlan']) self.vlan_neighbors = self._gauge( 'vlan_neighbors', 'number of L3 neighbors on a VLAN (whether resolved to L2 addresses, or not)', self.REQUIRED_LABELS + ['vlan', 'ipv']) self.vlan_learn_bans = self._gauge( 'vlan_learn_bans', 'number of times learning was banned on a VLAN', self.REQUIRED_LABELS + ['vlan']) self.faucet_config_table_names = self._gauge( 'faucet_config_table_names', 'number to names map of FAUCET pipeline tables', self.REQUIRED_LABELS + ['table_name', 'next_tables']) self.faucet_packet_in_secs = self._histogram( 'faucet_packet_in_secs', 'FAUCET packet in processing time', self.REQUIRED_LABELS, (0.0001, 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1)) self.faucet_valve_service_secs = self._histogram( 'faucet_valve_service_secs', 'FAUCET valve service processing time', self.REQUIRED_LABELS + ['valve_service'], (0.0001, 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1)) self.bgp_neighbor_uptime_seconds = self._gauge( 'bgp_neighbor_uptime', 'BGP neighbor uptime in seconds', self.REQUIRED_LABELS + ['vlan', 'neighbor']) self.bgp_neighbor_routes = self._gauge( 'bgp_neighbor_routes', 'BGP neighbor route count', self.REQUIRED_LABELS + ['vlan', 'neighbor', 'ipv']) self.learned_macs = self._gauge( 'learned_macs', ('MAC address stored as 64bit number to DP ID, port, VLAN, ' 'and n (discrete index)'), self.port_required_labels + ['vlan', 'n']) self.port_status = self._gauge( 'port_status', 'status of switch ports', self.port_required_labels) self.port_stack_state = self._gauge( 'port_stack_state', 'state of stacking on a port', self.port_required_labels) self.port_learn_bans = self._gauge( 'port_learn_bans', 'number of times learning was banned on a port', self.port_required_labels) self.learned_l2_port = self._gauge( 'learned_l2_port', 'learned port of l2 entries', self.REQUIRED_LABELS + ['vid', 'eth_src']) self.port_lacp_role = self._gauge( 'port_lacp_role', 'LACP role of a port', self.port_required_labels) self.port_lacp_state = self._gauge( 'port_lacp_state', 'state of LACP on a port', self.port_required_labels) self.dp_status = self._dpid_gauge( 'dp_status', 'status of datapaths') self.dp_root_hop_port = self._gauge( 'dp_root_hop_port', 'port that leads to stack root DP', self.REQUIRED_LABELS) self.of_dp_desc_stats = self._gauge( 'of_dp_desc_stats', 'DP description (OFPDescStatsReply)', self.REQUIRED_LABELS + ['mfr_desc', 'hw_desc', 'sw_desc', 'serial_num', 'dp_desc']) self.stack_cabling_errors = self._dpid_counter( 'stack_cabling_errors', 'number of cabling errors detected in all FAUCET stacks') self.stack_probes_received = self._dpid_counter( 'stack_probes_received', 'number of stacking messages received') self.is_dp_stack_root = self._dpid_gauge( 'is_dp_stack_root', 'bool indicating if dp is stack root') self.dp_dot1x_success = self._dpid_counter( 'dp_dot1x_success', 'number of successful authentications on dp') self.dp_dot1x_failure = self._dpid_counter( 'dp_dot1x_failure', 'number of authentications attempts failed on dp') self.dp_dot1x_logoff = self._dpid_counter( 'dp_dot1x_logoff', 'number of eap-logoff events on dp') self.port_dot1x_success = self._counter( 'port_dot1x_success', 'number of successful authentications on port', self.port_required_labels) self.port_dot1x_failure = self._counter( 'port_dot1x_failure', 'number of authentications attempts failed on port', self.port_required_labels) self.port_dot1x_logoff = self._counter( 'port_dot1x_logoff', 'number of eap-logoff events on port', self.port_required_labels) self.lacp_port_id = self._gauge( 'lacp_port_id', 'lacp port ID for for port', self.port_required_labels) self.port_stack_state_change_count = self._counter( 'port_stack_state_change_count', 'number of changes in port stack state', self.port_required_labels) self.port_lacp_state_change_count = self._counter( 'port_lacp_state_change_count', 'number of changes in port lacp state', self.port_required_labels) self.stack_root_change_count = self._counter( 'stack_root_change_count', 'number of changes in stack root', []) def _counter(self, var, var_help, labels): return Counter(var, var_help, labels, registry=self._reg) def _gauge(self, var, var_help, labels): return PromGauge(var, var_help, labels, registry=self._reg) def _info(self, var, var_help): return Info(var, var_help, registry=self._reg) def _histogram(self, var, var_help, labels, buckets): return Histogram(var, var_help, labels, buckets=buckets, registry=self._reg) def _dpid_counter(self, var, var_help): counter = self._counter(var, var_help, self.REQUIRED_LABELS) self._dpid_counters[var] = counter return counter def _dpid_gauge(self, var, var_help): gauge = self._gauge(var, var_help, self.REQUIRED_LABELS) self._dpid_gauges[var] = gauge return gauge
[docs] def reset_dpid(self, dp_labels): """Set all DPID-only counter/gauges to 0.""" for counter in self._dpid_counters.values(): counter.labels(**dp_labels).inc(0) for gauge in self._dpid_gauges.values(): gauge.labels(**dp_labels).set(0)
[docs] def inc_var(self, var, labels, val=1): """Increment a variable.""" assert labels is not None metrics_var = getattr(self, var) metrics_var.labels(**labels).inc(val)