faucet.config_parser_util module

Utility functions supporting FAUCET/Gauge config parsing.

class faucet.config_parser_util.UniqueKeyLoader(stream)[source]

Bases: yaml.loader.Loader

construct_mapping(node, deep=False)[source]

Check for duplicate YAML keys.

faucet.config_parser_util.config_changed(top_config_file, new_top_config_file, config_hashes)[source]

Return True if configuration has changed.

  • top_config_file (str) – name of FAUCET config file

  • new_top_config_file (str) – name, possibly new, of FAUCET config file.

  • config_hashes (dict) – map of config file/includes and hashes of contents.


True if the file, or any file it includes, has changed.

Return type



Return hash of YAML config file contents.

faucet.config_parser_util.dp_config_path(config_file, parent_file=None)[source]

Return full path to config file.

faucet.config_parser_util.dp_include(config_hashes, config_file, logname, top_confs)[source]

Handles including additional config files


Return logger instance for config parsing.

faucet.config_parser_util.read_config(config_file, logname)[source]

Return a parsed YAML config file or None.