faucet.faucet_experimental_api module

Implement experimental API.

class faucet.faucet_experimental_api.FaucetExperimentalAPI(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: object

An experimental API for communicating with Faucet.

Contains methods for interacting with a running Faucet controller from within a RyuApp. This app should be run together with Faucet in the same ryu-manager process.

add_port_acl(port, acl)[source]

Add an ACL to a port.

add_vlan_acl(vlan, acl)[source]

Add an ACL to a VLAN.

delete_port_acl(port, acl)[source]

Delete an ACL from a port.

delete_vlan_acl(vlan, acl)[source]

Delete an ACL from a VLAN.


Get the current running config of Faucet as a python dictionary.


Get current FAUCET tables as a dict of table name: table no.


Return True if registered and ready to serve API requests.


Push supplied config to FAUCET.


Reload config from config file in FAUCET_CONFIG env variable.