faucet.valve_table module

Abstraction of an OF table.

class faucet.valve_table.ValveGroupEntry(table, group_id, buckets)[source]

Bases: object

Abstraction for a single OpenFlow group entry.


Return flows to add this entry to the group table.


Return flow to delete an existing group entry.


Return flow to modify an existing group entry.

class faucet.valve_table.ValveGroupTable[source]

Bases: object

Wrap access to group table.


Delete all groups.

entries = {}
get_entry(group_id, buckets)[source]
static group_id_from_str()[source]

Return a group ID based on a string key.

class faucet.valve_table.ValveTable(table_id, name, restricted_match_types, flow_cookie, notify_flow_removed=False)[source]

Bases: object

Wrapper for an OpenFlow table.

flowcontroller(match=None, priority=None, inst=None, max_len=96)[source]

Add flow outputting to controller.

flowdel(match=None, priority=None, out_port=4294967295, strict=False)[source]

Delete matching flows from a table.

flowdrop(match=None, priority=None, hard_timeout=0)[source]

Add drop matching flow to a table.

flowmod(match=None, priority=None, inst=None, command=0, out_port=0, out_group=0, hard_timeout=0, idle_timeout=0, cookie=None)[source]

Helper function to construct a flow mod message with cookie.

match(in_port=None, vlan=None, eth_type=None, eth_src=None, eth_dst=None, eth_dst_mask=None, icmpv6_type=None, nw_proto=None, nw_dst=None)[source]

Compose an OpenFlow match rule.